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Bedroom Mattresses – How The Right Choice Can Change Your Life

Let’s face it. Our bed is easily one of the most important piece of furniture in our lives because that’s where we spend almost a third of our lives on. It makes sense then to invest a little more in that as opposed to other furnishings in our bedroom. Mattress companies all over the world make new mattresses every month. There is a huge supply of different mattresses and various mattress companies introduce better mattresses to you and me. With so many mattresses in the market, do we actually know what kind of mattresses suit us? If you do a search on any website selling mattresses, you will come across hundreds, if not thousands of mattresses. Perhaps you have heard of mattresses such as memory foam mattress, waterbed and gel mattress but mattresses such as innerspring mattress and hybrid mattress are far less common because those are just not as practical in a bedroom.

It is common that people who get better sleep will generally have less problems going through their every day. With countless choices of mattresses and with salespersons trying to advertise and promote mattresses which they will gain the highest commission to sell to you, you will be wise to keep reading this article to find out which are the top mattresses there are available in the market for you.

Which are currently the more popular mattresses?

Maybe less heard of but not uncommon in the mattress industry is innerspring mattresses. These mattresses have the highest sales count in the industry. This is followed closely by the memory foam mattress which is people’s favorite. Why do we say that this is people’s favorite? We are not plucking this statistic from thin air. If you peruse mattresses’ websites or websites which have mattresses for sale, you will come across very good reviews on memory foam mattresses as well as innerspring mattresses. For instance, a very good review site for mattresses would be Mattress Debunked.

The reason why memory foam mattresses beats innerspring mattresses in terms of more favorable reviews is that memory foam mattresses helps maintain body shape and keep people with generally better posture.

Which mattress helps people sleep better?

Even though innerspring mattresses sells better, it might come as a surprise that memory foam mattress actually helps give people better sleep.

Under the category of memory foam mattress as well as other types of mattresses, there are plenty of different mattresses being advertised and sold by companies. However, you do not need to worry on how to choose between a good and bad mattress. We will assist you on this journey.

Top three memory foam mattresses



The highest range and at the very top of our list is Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress. At only $300 and available in multiple sizes such as Twin Size, Full Size, Queen Size and King Size as well as being CertiPUR-US® certified, this is one of the best mattresses available to us right now. Statistic-wise, it is perfect with over seventy percent of its customers rating this mattress 5/5 and over fifteen percent of its customers rating it 4/5. It has next day shipping too. If you need to purchase a mattress today, you need not think further than this.

Next on the list is LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress which comes with dual-layer mattress with medium firmness. It helps the body to ease pressure points and has good safety as well as performance. Its range of sizes is better than Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress in that it even comes with Twin Size, Twin XL Size, Full XL and California King Size. If you are about two meters tall, you should consider this over Signature Sleep. This mattress is said to regulate temperature and control moisture as its fabric creates a comfortable air layer. Selling at only about $200, you will not be able to find a better option. This mattress also comes with CertiPUR-US® certification, in case you are wondering.


The third best mattress in our opinion is none other than Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress. The most sellable size of this is its Queen Size Mattress. Having an insanely good twenty year limited warranty and made in our home country, this mattress is the ideal mattress. If you feel the need to indulge, you may consider this as it is the most expensive of the three mattresses in our top three list. Being price at $450, this is a tad bit expensive but if you care about product warranty then this should be your top choice.

That is all for the top mattresses for this year, in our opinion. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and we will keep you updated from time to time whenever any better mattresses are being supplied in the market.